Cornwall and Suffolk based Independent Financial Advisers, Carlton Smith Private Wealth, have had their 2 advisers, Nic and George, both voted as one of the top 200 Rated Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) in the UK by their clients.

George and Nic have been an advisers at Carlton Smith Private Wealth for 3 years, since it was established, and their achievement will be announced in The Times on Saturday 19th October.

Comments Nic: “There are over 20,000 Independent Financial Advisers in the UK so we’re thrilled to be in the Top 200. What makes it even more special is that we’ve been selected thanks to our clients. It means a lot that they’ve gone out of their way to support us and we’d like to thank them all.”

Continues George: “We’re passionate about independent financial advice. While talking about how to look after your money isn’t ‘sexy’ with a growing pension and savings gap planning your financial future is more important than ever. In a nutshell that’s what financial advice is all about – making sure you make the most out of your hard earned cash and aren’t left short of funds in retirement or on a rainy day.”

Nic and George Carlton-Smith were selected as a result of local clients reviewing and rating their services on consumer ratings website The site, which enables people looking for financial advice to find a recommended IFA, works like TripAdvisor. You can search for an adviser free of charge based on location and services provided. Advisers are then listed based on client reviews giving those seeking advice confidence that the adviser can be trusted.

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UK Summary

The UK macroeconomic picture continues to show improvement as the positive momentum started in the spring prevails with all three major economic sectors delivering encouraging readings. These readings, in conjunction with a slight reduction in unemployment, contributed a general “good feeling”. Once again we have noticed outperformance in equities that give exposure to the UK’s improving economic climate.

European Summary

European equities had a good month in terms of returns with the broad market index, Stoxx 600, returning 4.4%. Chancellor Merkel won the German election and now seeks to form a new coalition. Unemployment readings came in at 12.1% highlighting the structural issues in Europe with figures in Spain & Greece as much twice the average. The small economic improvements are encouraging but the equilibrium is still fragile, as the current Italian Government situation stands to prove.

US Summary

The big news of the month came from the US, where the FED decided not to change the asset purchase program. It also gave reassurance that the future tapering, which will take place, will not affect the portion allocated to mortgage backed securities. The official statement reiterated the current policy stand, that “more evidence of sustainable recovery and employment numbers are needed before any action is taken”. Clearly, markets reacted positively to this news. The end of the month was marked by the US Federal Government shutdown and once again the Debt Ceiling that is thought to be reached by October the 17th back to the fore.

Japan Summary

Japan had an exceptionally strong month returning 8%. The following weeks are critical for the country’s future development and precaution should prevail. Premier Abe will continue with the reform program by increasing as planed the sales tax in April 2014 from 5% to 8%.

Emerging Markets Summary

Emerging market central banks stepped in to support their currencies after QE tapering fears caused a sell-off earlier in the month. As “Operation Taper” was aborted BRIC equities returned in excess of 4% by the end of September