Are you retired, or about to retire?

Mike is looking forward to a long and fulfilling life after years of work managing a local company. His house is no longer mortgaged, the kids have left the nest to start families of their own and so he and his wife Emma have more freedom than they’ve known in years. They feel they should be making the most of it. Mike’s main concern is: do we have enough? He knows they have cash reserves, pensions and investments, but is not sure how they will work for them over the coming years. Are they running out of time to organise their finances more efficiently before they run out of money?


Helping people like Mike in retirement

Nobody wants to live in uncertainty after they have left work. Helping people who are considering retirement or are already retired is all about building security and a foundation for a consistent, reliable income to suit the lifestyle you want to live. We will never push you into a particular solution or make you rush a decision. Our aim is to alleviate your concerns, create a complete picture of your finances in order to make constructive decisions, organise your assets for income and tax efficiency, and bring certainty to your life as you move towards achieving your goals.

01Identifying your lifetime goal

This is the most important part of the process. Working out what you want your life to look like in ten, or twenty, years time will form the foundation for all other decisions. It’s where we find out what really matters to you and define the reason behind all our plans.

02Understanding your risk level

Some investments are more risky than others. What’s important to us is finding the right products to help you achieve your goals. We’ll always recommend an investment portfolio that’s in line with your own approach to risk, so you always feel comfortable about your future.

What’s your risk profile?

03Assessing your opportunities

Taking into account all your financial assets and considering your risk profile, we can spread your money across a range of suitable investments, ISAs and pensions. We want you to have the best possible growth and income while still taking advantage of all the tax allowances.

04Designing your life plan

This will bring complete clarity to your life. Now we understand your goals, your approach to risk and the opportunities, we are able to map out your plan, plotting the key stages and showing how we’ll manage your assets in line with your changing needs in the future.


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The case of 'How much is enough?'

Neil and Sue Builder worked hard, very hard. But then they enjoyed the lifestyle which they had created for themselves and their daughters Rebecca and Lucy.

Neil was 45 and he had a plan – his own financial plan. Because Neil hated three things: His mortgage. Pensions. But most of all, financial advisers!

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Want to go a little deeper?

  • Very easy indeed, with a double-edged approach using our exceptional financial software. On a day-to-day basis, our myWealth app allows you to monitor all incomings and outgoings from your accounts, as well as see how your investments are performing and maintain an update on your total personal wealth. Going deeper and looking into the future, our Prestwood Professional software for long-term cash flow planning will allow you to accurately plan ahead and make changes if necessary. On top of this, we will conduct an annual review to go over your financial situation and maintain our personal approach. We make the best use of technology whilst still using the traditional methods to ensure your cash flow is on track.

  • As independent advisors, we research the whole marketplace to choose the best providers and the best strategies for you and your family. It may be helpful to go over the three levels present within financial products here:

    • Provider – the company that packages and facilitates the financial products
    • Product – the package or wrapper for the arrangement to use your money
    • Investments – where your money is placed to grow in value

    You have a choice over the investments and funds used within your pension package. We will review how they are performing on an ongoing basis in line with your Risk Profile, and will recommend changes as and when we see market changes. We are proactive in our approach.

  • We wish we did (we’d move to Barbados!). But anyone who says they do is either delusional or lying. Of course we do not know, but we can keep an eye out for forthcoming events that may have an effect on the markets and investments, for example a general election, or a foreign conflict that may affect oil prices. In these situations, we can try to anticipate the market reactions and take intelligent action to mitigate any potential losses. We take a well-diversified, global view and will build your portfolio accordingly, to minimise exposure and keep you in a strong position.

  • There is a very simple answer to the is question: almost nothing! At the very most, you will have to send us an email or pick up the phone to confirm any changes to your investments or accounts we are recommending and we will be able to take care of everything for you.

    We have a very experienced team who can handle all of your queries and requests with complete professionalism and confidence. If you have any questions at all about our service, don’t hesitate to ask. We will be happy to assist you in every way possible.

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