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John has been successfully running his firm for the last twenty-one years, from an initial one-man show to now employing several staff. He’s been working very hard, putting in long hours on the business now with the aim of reaping the rewards later, while still building a comfortable life for his partner and children. John has big ambitions beyond work, and wants to maintain the lifestyle his family have become accustomed to. John has a great handle on his business finances, and personally has cash in the bank, a private pension and some investments. Right now, money is not a worry to him, as there is always enough to pay for what he wants. But will it be enough for the rest of his life?


Working with business owners like John

Our aim is to establish a strategy for you to realise all your goals, without you having to work yourself into the ground or compromise your family life. It is possible to achieve your chosen lifestyle and ambitions while still enjoying the journey along the way. Our knowledge, experience and independence allow us to be creative as well as effective, and we can bring an array of interesting ideas to the table to find the most efficient ways to utilise all your assets. And with our integrated software, you will also be able to monitor your progress, look ahead and make sure you’re on track.

01Identifying your lifetime goal

This is a key moment in the process. It’s where you clarify your reason to put in the hard work – the ‘why’ behind all the effort. What does life look like in ten years’ time? What will you have, where will you be, and what will you be doing? Be honest.

02Understanding your risk level

We always make sure a client’s portfolio matches their outlook. Are you risk-averse, or comfortable with a level of uncertainty? Your stage in life and your level of assets will also be factors in deciding whether you need to take risks, or if they will be unnecessary.

What’s your risk profile?

03Assessing your opportunities

We’ll take stock of your finances and plot a spread across pensions, ISAs and investments, balancing incomes, payment thresholds and tax-free allowances to form a considered, long-term strategy for your secure future. It’s about your lifestyle as well as your money.

04Designing your life plan

At the end of the process, you’ll have a plan that brings clarity to the rest of your life. You’ll see how much you need to accumulate by when, what we can do immediately to make your goals happen, and how we’ll manage your assets in line with your changing needs in the future.


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The case of 'How much is enough?'

Neil and Sue Builder worked hard, very hard. But then they enjoyed the lifestyle which they had created for themselves and their daughters Rebecca and Lucy.

Neil was 45 and he had a plan – his own financial plan. Because Neil hated three things: His mortgage. Pensions. But most of all, financial advisers!

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Looking for a little more detail?

  • Lots of business owners consider exiting their business; it’s all a matter of having a plan mapped out to do so. We can sit down with you and work out your ‘number’ – the amount of money you will need, with careful investment, to stop working and not worry about your income again. You’ll probably want to consider details of how you’ll want to live, what you’ll need to have, and more. Once we have made our calculations, you’ll have an idea of how long it will take to achieve it, and you can decide whether you can get to that number or not. If you think it’s the course you want to take, we’ll tell you what you need to do to follow it through and reach your target. You never know, you may be able to stop working now.

  • One of our key aims is to help you minimise your tax burden. We’ll use income tax allowances, capital gains allowances and tax-free pension contributions to make the most of all the opportunities available for you to hold on to as much of your hard-earned cash as possible. The bare minimum you can earn before tax is currently £11,850 but thanks to our intimate knowledge of the financial industry and our innovative software, we have been able to help our clients legally achieve minimal tax impact on far more of their earnings.

  • We use an industry-leading application called Prestwood Professional to forecast and model future cash-flow allowing for numerous variables. It’s very sophisticated software that understands all UK taxes and interest rates, and will draw on a deep bank of information to come up with its final figures. Our entire admin team are fully versed in using Prestwood Professional, and through careful data entry we can build up a highly accurate picture of your cash-flow over the months, and years, to come. However, we are, as ever, at the mercy of as-yet unknown market events or rule changes and adapt to these changes as they occur.

  • Inflation has an annoying habit of making your money worth less over time. If you leave money in a bank account paying 0.5% interest, but the rate of inflation is 1%, then during the course of the year your cash will in effect lose 0.5% of its value. Inflation erodes the purchasing power of your money.

    On a larger scale, you may sell your business for £2 million and think you have plenty – you might want to give some away to your children or grandchildren before saving the rest for your retirement. However, in 25 years time, with compound inflation, the purchasing power of the remainder may well have halved.

    This is why we always aim for investments that will return a better rate to you than the rate of inflation, so over time you still gain and have enough to support your lifestyle.

  • We’re happy to talk over any questions or concerns you might have about your financial future and our services. Call us today on 01449 615714, or click below to drop us a line. Get in touch


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