Services tailored to suit your life goals

You have a house, a pension, money in the bank and maybe a business and some investments. But what will these assets do for you in later life? Will they be enough to maintain your lifestyle in retirement, and are they secure against any eventualities? You might need a will, a trust, a different pension or incisive financial advice. Or you might need to define your goals – your vision for your future life – from which we can map out the plan to get there. Every client has ambitions, targets, standards and dreams, but they also seek comfort, happiness and peace. Our role is to help you achieve both your goals and peace in life through effective financial planning. You can attain the lifestyle you want while still enjoying the journey along the way. Here, we run through the services we provide and how they can be used for your benefit.


Invest for prosperity

Your money can’t work for you unless you put it to active use. We will look at ways to spread your wealth across a range of investments to maximise your returns, minimise your tax liability and protect you from unnecessary risks, thereby increasing the value of your initial pensions and savings pots to create a comfortable income for life. Investing for your future shouldn’t feel like gambling. We take a risk-managed approach and prioritise preservation of your capital over speculation to strike a perfect balance between strategic investment and security of funds. And we’ll monitor your investments to make sure we’re ready to make changes if some funds are not doing as well as they should.

  • Your necessary returns

    What income do you need to maintain your desired lifestyle? Our pathfinder service will help us to make the right decisions, so you see optimum returns.

  • Your capacity for risk

    We don’t present high-risk options to clients with a low-risk profile, or vice versa. Our tests ensure we help you achieve your goals in a way that suits your outlook.

  • Your understanding

    We’ll ensure you understand our proposals, as well as the nature of the investments we’re making, if risk is a factor, and your tolerance for possible negative returns.

  • Your timescale

    What do you want to achieve by when? In creating your financial plan, we’ll plot investments according to your short-term and long-term goals, and when you’ll need access.


Protect what you’ve got

The kind of insurance we arrange goes beyond simple damage, fire and theft. Protection is as much about people as it is your physical wealth and possessions. What will happen to the infrastructure of your life – your business, your family and your legacy – if you die, or become seriously ill? Replacing yourself, or other key staff, and the profits that you or they were generating, can be a time-consuming, stressful and costly undertaking. By taking out the appropriate cover, you’re transferring liability for the future of your income and business to someone else for a monthly payment. The premium is a small price to pay for a big result.

  • Your circumstances

    Which solution or product is the right fit for you and your business? We take a close look at your unique situation in order to recommend the protection you really need.

  • Your understanding

    We’ll show you ways to protect your assets through careful management as well as insurance, to minimise your exposure should any unfortunate event occur.

  • Your end goals

    With a clear vision of where you want to go, and the structured financial plan to get there, you’ll also know exactly what you need to insure, and for how much.


Planning for the future

You know you can’t leave it to a bank to make the most of your money, nor the government to manage your finances in your, or your family’s, favour. If you do not have a will, or other suitable trust arrangements for your assets, it’s the government who decides how your whole legacy is apportioned, and your estate could be swallowed up in red tape. With careful planning, we can help you to allocate your assets in a way that not only minimises your taxes today but also provides total clarity for your family and beneficiaries in future.

  • Your ultimate goal

    You’ll see how we can efficiently manage your wealth now and in the years to come in line with your life goals and detailed financial plan.

  • Your circumstances

    We’ll take the time to get to know you and gain a full understanding of your outlook, your immediate needs and priorities, as well as your assets.

  • Your understanding

    We’ll show you how much you will be paying in tax today, and compare it to how much we can save you using trusts, pensions and investments.

Your Options

We tailor our services to suit your circumstances

You might be running a successful business and keen to secure your lifestyle and your legacy. Or you may be recently retired, or about to retire, with your own pensions, investments or a final salary scheme. We can help you to define your goals and make them come to life.


Your future plan starts with a conversation

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