See your accounts, investments and wealth all in one place

You don’t have to log on to multiple sites to get a complete view of all your finances. MyWealth shows you everything you need, from details of your pensions and investments to tracking your day-to-day income, outgoings and more.


An overhead view on all your finances, from a single log-in

You’ve got a complete financial plan giving you the roadmap to a comfortable future. Being able to easily view a complete picture of your finances and total net worth is key to making sure everything is staying on track. Our myWealth app allows you to do exactly this. You can view your investments, savings, pensions, insurance, property values, income, expenditure and important documents all in one place without having to enter multiple passwords. And you can do it from your desktop computer, your tablet or your smartphone, using both Apple and Android devices.

View your investment portfolio

Quickly access your insurance details

Track your property values

Manage your income & spending

Safely store all your important documents

Reminders about renewals, income & payments

“For the first time I can see what I’m worth. I can see my home going up in value as well as what my savings are doing.”


How myWealth helps you take care of your finances

  • MyWealth is a convenient and practical way to keep on top of all your financial activity and plans. It’s easy to use and navigate, and saves you a huge amount of time and hassle. Available for desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, using either Apple or Android devices, you’ll be able to monitor your wealth from anywhere, at any time.

  • You’ll want to see how your investments are performing. MyWealth updates the valuations across your portfolio on a daily basis, and can also show what your property is worth. All your information is fed into a centralised dashboard for you to easily see an overview of your entire financial life. You can customise it to more easily see what matters to you most.

  • You can configure myWealth to help you take great care of all your finances, and stay on top of all your income, spending, debits, credit cards, store cards and account balances. You can also set up reminders for important payments and renewals, like your MOT, road tax, memberships and subscriptions.

  • You’ll easily be able to view the important documents for your insurance policies, pension statements, wills, valuations, bank agreements, investments and statements through our secure online portal.

  • MyWeath is the perfect software to obtain complete overview of your financial position, and so is ideally placed to give you a summary of your total personal wealth. Data from all your assets and liabilities is combined into a single view, to show you and your partner a true, current picture of what you are worth.

  • You’ll want to know all your financial activity, transactions and information is safe from prying eyes. All data processed by myWealth is protected by bank-standard security and encryption, while the mobile app is registered to your device and protected with a six-digit PIN.


Tailoring our services to suit your circumstances

You may be recently retired or about to retire, with your own pensions, investments or a final salary scheme. Or you might be running a successful business and keen to secure your future lifestyle. We can help you to define your goals and work to make them happen.

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