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Tough Mudder 2013

September 23, 2013
2 minutes read

George, always being up for a challenge (and not just as an IFA in Cornwall), took part in the Tough Mudder South West 2013 event this weekend. He was joined by a couple of friends from Truro and together they entered as “Team Dreckley” – dreckley being the Cornish interpretation of the Spanish word manana, but with much less haste!
The event course was a punishing 11.5 miles through hilly terrain, woods, a river and about 20 obstacles thrown in for good measure. These ranged from a simple dip, swim and duck under in a pool of ice cubes to the mud mile (literally a mile of mud to run through) and not forgetting Everest – a 15 foot tall quarter pipe of shiny plastic, watered down to ensure it’s not too easy. There were also plenty of walls to get over, things to climb across, tunnels to go through, water and mud, lots of mud.

6 months of training paid off and team Dreckley completed the course in a little over 3 hours, with no injuries and a huge sense of achievement. Upon crossing the line all finishers were presented with a well-earned pint!

After depositing shoes that were now not fit for purpose, a quick wash in a very basic cold shower (nothing about this event is for the feint hearted) it was time for some food and then onto the after party.

The only question remaining was would George do it again? Yes, but on a different course so he wouldn’t know what was round the next corner!